Alton Towers 10/13/2016

Next up on our journey was the big one, Alton Towers, the park I had been waiting to visit since the days of playing Roller Coaster Tycoon when I was in middle school. I never thought that I’d be able to visit this park one day, so how was it? Well let’s find out!

As you can see Alton Towers was much farther to the north then our starting area. While the initial destinations were about a half hour apart from each other, Alton Towers was 3 hours to the north. Still not bad at all compared to distances we drive in the United States for parks, but Alton Towers was in the middle of nowhere. When you get into the middle of nowhere in the UK the roads get narrower and narrower and narrower still. Still we made it to the park without a scratch or bump on the car.
At the entrance to the park is remnants of their old Corkscrew coaster. It certainly makes for a neat decoration.
Even more cool is the fact that the ride’s original specification plaque is attached to one of the supports of the “display”.
Alright it’s about time to head through those gates! 
The entrance plaza was very decorated for the Halloween season.
Notice even the pumpkin in the fountain.
In case you didn’t know what the Halloween event at Alton Towers was called. Unfortunately for us, since our visit occurred on a Thursday and Friday we were unable to participate in the scarefest mazes. The Merlin parks have their Halloween events in full swing on Saturdays and Sundays but not on Fridays so we missed it by a day. Oh well maybe next time.
We’re here!
The first area of the park that we saw was CBebbies land, which was their children’s area so naturally we skipped that for now. Don’t worry I’d return for the kiddie coaster credit.
Spinball Whizzer we also passed by, we were heading for the X-Sector first which housed two very big important rides….
As you can see the pathways in the park were very wide and they had a few games set up to play in the areas on the way to X-Sector.
What’s that off in the distance….
So we made a quick stop at the bathroom, but this was my view while waiting, so naturally had to take a picture.
Also in view was part of the parks iconic castle, which we’d get closer to later.
For now it’s time to enter… the X-Sector!
We had to check out The Smiler first, we were both so intrigued at the aspect of 14 inversions! Yes you counted that right 14! The most we have in the United States is 7 and we had only just ridden a 10 inversion coaster a few days earlier.
A few of the marketing phrases used to advertise some of the theming around The Smiler.
And here’s a look at some of the theming around the ride.
And a little bit more of it.
You can see how twisted the track is here, it needs to be if you’re going to cram 14 inversions onto one coaster.
A wider look at the mess of track and theming of the ride. It’s so crazy looking and so beautiful at the same time.
Time to ride!
The Smiler flying above our heads.
Walking through the queue there is multiple times where the coaster flies over you.
These riders are about to experience the wrath of The Smiler!
Just like The Swarm over at Thrope Park, The Smiler just demands photos be taken of it, especially when there is so much twisted track to be seen in one photo.
And again in case you didn’t realize how much track was cramped in so closely to each other.
Even from the station you can see the mess of twisted track.
Well it definitely made us smile :P.
We belong to The Smiler!

So how was it? Like I said earlier we were both so intrigued at the idea and had so many questions, the main one would it make us nauseous? Which looking back on it if that was our main concern we probably shouldn’t have rode it first thing, but good news for us was that it didn’t not at all! Every inversion felt natural nothing felt forced, the way the track twisted felt perfect and graceful yet forceful enough to still give a pop. The ride even had a few sections of air time, which we didn’t expect. Overall this turned out being my top coaster of the trip, there’s another one I’ll get to later that is very close as well but yes The Smiler was near perfect I felt. While it may not crack my top ten list, everything that the coaster was designed to do it did near perfect. Going in I was excited to try it, but never did I expect it to be the top coaster of the trip. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

Oblivion wasn’t operating at the time, so we continued onward don’t worry we’d definitely be back for this sucker.

On our first go around the park, we didn’t stop for too many pictures since I wanted to make sure we got to ride as much as possible the first day. We had a whole second day to come back grab some photos and finish out any rides that we missed out on the first day.

We stopped for lunch at a sit down restaurant inside the park. Here was the menu, they had a special on steak and that’s what I ordered. The menu was themed to Halloween for the time of year.
Before our food came, we had nice big glasses of beer.
And yup this is our lunch inside a theme park, while it’s not super fancy. It’s a lot nice than most other theme park restaurants we’ve been to.
After lunch we checked out Ice Age 4D nothing spectacular here, but an entertaining break.
And a look at us in the goofy glasses.
We always make it a tradition to ride the park’s carousel and this one was located in essentially one of the children’s areas of the park.
Time to head over to the other side of the park and like any good theme park you do that via a sky ride.
Unfortunately for the purposes of photos the rides are completely enclosed with glass and since we were in England it was no surprise that it started to drizzle a little. Through the blurry window you can see Rita, more of that coaster later.
A little clearer is the lift hill for Thirteen, again more of this coaster later.
The sky ride takes you over and across the gardens, which not to beat a broken drum much more on this later.
The rain drops however do make neat looking pictures.
A look at the station and capsules of the sky ride.
We were on our way to Nemesis for a milestone…
And here’s the ominous entrance to the Gardens which leads to the Dark Forest. We weren’t going to try venturing off today since we heard it was easy to get lost in there, but we would definitely return to give it a shot. 
The rain continued to fall, but it never got too heavy that it was unruly.
We decided to give Galactica a try, which was new for this year. The coaster was not new by any means, it was actually formerly called Air and was the first B&M flyer ever built. The “new” aspect of this year was the ride being retrofitted with VR googles and a little bit of extra theming on in the station area and lift to give it that extra space theme.
Adding to the theme was a digital board listing the different planets the ride would be visiting along the journey.
The nice thing about the Merlin parks at least Thorpe and Alton Towers was the option of a bag drop at their major attractions. At one point during the queue you would drop your bag off and get a wristband with a number to wear and then after you got off your ride you would turn the wristband in and pick up your bag. So there would be no bags in the station area to slow down loading and unloading, all accomplished without the need for a locker. Included with park admission at no extra charge, what an awesome service that more parks need to do.
Since the on ride photo would show a bunch of riders wearing VR goggles they had an interesting way of getting around that. As part of theming, we had to stick our heads in a bubble to “scan” us to make sure we were cleared for take off. Turns out they were just taking your picture for the ride photo.
The big Galactica logo right before you enter the station.
Almost cleared for take off.

Let me start off first by saying the VR here was very well done, they took the idea and stepped it up a notch. All the headsets also had speakers built in and their was audio to go along with the experience. Now the downside for us was that the ride made us both pretty nauseous, our only other experience with VR was on Iron Dragon at Cedar Point which is a very tame coaster compared to this one. Also having never rode this pre-VR we had no idea what twists and turns were coming and when, so yeah the ride did not bode well for either of us. I’m not quite sure if the VR did not match up to the twists of the ride or the fact that a ride like this may be too intense for VR but we both came off feeling a little dizzy. It’s also not the first time I’ve heard of people complaining of feeling ill after getting off the ride too, who knows maybe they fixed it up better for this season but in my opinion this is one ride that did not need the VR added.


Next I found myself at Nemesis for my 350th credit!
Almost time to ride.
And because you can never have enough milestone coaster pictures.
Enjoying Nemesis.

Nemesis was one of the original coasters when playing Roller Coaster Tycoon that originally attracted me to the idea of going to Alton Towers. I remember in the early days of the internet seeing pictures of Nemesis and how neat it looked diving into trenches and the way the coaster is mainly hidden from view, plus the extensive theming, and thinking wow I need to go ride that. Now I finally have and I can say it’s still awesome, definitely the other top ride of the entire trip and worth every bit of hype it still gets to this day. Like other iconic B&M inverts this is a modern classic. More pictures to come later in the report.

After riding a bunch of different rides and coasters we decided to take a little break and check out the parks aquarium.
The amazing thing about this aquarium is that a lot of tanks had no tops. This by no means implies that you can stick you hands into the tanks, but this is something that we wouldn’t see in the United States anymore. The fact that if someone really wanted to, they could stick their hand in, but surprisingly or not surprisingly we didn’t see anyone acting a fool and putting their hands in the tanks.
This tank is even at children level and still not covered. Definitely impressive that they can trust people here to not stick their hands in.
Just a simple sign saying hey please don’t touch. How nice.
The aquarium was themed to pirates and a lot of the tanks had displays that matched the theme.
Here’s a tank that you could stick your fingers in where the fish would eat the dead skin off your fingers.
Here’s one of the fish taking some bits off my fingers.
Just like Finding Nemo.
Time for the sharks!
Blacktip sharks are my favorite.
The giant octopus tentacle is sadly not real, but it does make for neat theming.
Outside of the aquarium we decided to grab some fresh donuts.
And when I say fresh I mean fresh, this little machine keeps popping off fresh donuts and dropping them into the sugar, just waiting to be sold. Yum.
One of the things the Merlin parks seemed to lack was a good variety and amount of gift shops, this was inside their main gift shop which surprisingly did not have one shirt for sale that said Alton Towers on it.
These paper weights are quite cool though.
You wouldn’t have a problem finding candy however.
Nemesis mugs and Nemesis bears oh my.
This was taken inside the parks coffee shop, which surprisingly I didn’t take any other pictures inside. I did however like the design of the coaster transitioning into coffee beans so hence why I took a picture of it.
Taking a wider shot of the castle from the entrance area of the park.
Selfie in front of the castle time.
Anyone want some ice cream from the ice cream truck?
After our first day in the park it was time to check into our hotel, and how do you access the hotel you ask? Well like any major theme park resort via a monorail of course!
We were staying at the Splash Landings hotel which had a Caribbean, water park theme to it, which made sense since there was an indoor water park in it as well.
Here we are.
Yup this be the place.
It wasn’t a super fancy hotel by any means but it was again quite nice and practical for our visit.
Just like at Thorpe Park the room had bunk beds.
The room was much bigger than our room at Thorpe Park and as you can see out the window we had quite the view of the most unique tree we had ever seen.
And here’s the tree in all it’s glory.
Our bathroom was also pretty nice.
Splash Landings hotel soap and body wash.
Even the lamp went along with the Caribbean theming.
Down to the carpet having sea shell designs in it that you could almost grab.
As we were heading to dinner, there was some evening entertainment in the lobby that a few of the guests were enjoying.
There was a little walking trail to lead us to the restaurant for dinner, which was located in the back of the park. The park closed at 5pm but the restaurant stayed open till 10 pm. Our dinner was around 7 so we had a little bit of time to relax before heading back out.
And this is where dinner was, the Rollercoaster Restaurant!
So the concept of the restaurant is that your food is delivered to your table via a track, and in some instances there may be loops that the food has to go through before getting to your table.
The other amazing part of this restaurant was the old blueprints and concept drawings for some of Alton Towers biggest attractions displayed along the wall.
They were everywhere and it was a coaster nerds dream come true.
Promotional pieces for a lot of the major coasters at the park.
Concept art for Oblivion.
Our first plates had arrived, and the way to tell which food was yours was by your seat. Each seat corresponded to a number/ride in the park, we were sitting in the Oblivion seats so any food that had Oblivion tickets on it was ours.
Even the bun of the burger had a loop design in it.
One of the loop sections that your food might travel through on the way to you.
To order your food, you did it on a tablet device and the food would come to your table via the coaster track. So essentially no servers were required other than to bring out drinks that were too big to fit in the bowls sent down the tracks.
And here’s a look at our order.
Here comes dessert.
After the bowls delivered the food, there were plates and silverware in the middle to place your food on.
Here’s a bowl on its way to the table.
Once the bowl finished it’s journey you might have to spin the table a little bit to get your food.
And our lovely desserts.
And like I said here’s the tickets that our food was identified with.

The Rollercoaster Restaurant was an amazing experience, one that fits perfectly in a theme park. It’s a great way to wrap up a day spent at the park, and enjoy some good food. By no means was the food gourmet, but it was pretty good actually. More than anything you’re paying for the unique dining experience but with the decor in the restaurant and how watching food travel along the tracks on the way to tables never got old, it was definitely worth every penny.

You didn’t think we’d leave without more concept art did you? 😛
Like I said every wall was covered.
Some of the posters even had the train blueprints in them which was really neat.
Original plans for Oblivion.
Outside the theme park is quiet, not a creature is stirring not even a mouse. 😛 However the “portal” that Galactica flies through was still lit up and had the fog going.
Artsy shot of the track coming out of the portal.
There was a neat little aquarium right inside the lobby area that had a few fish in it.

And with that it was time to call it a night and rest up before returning to the park again for another fun filled day at Alton Towers.

We made our way to the monorail station in the morning for our journey back to the park.
Waiting for the monorail, and crazy thing is look at the gates separating you from the track. Oh wait there is no gates! People just know here not to get close to the monorail track.
Ready for day 2?
Another look at the entrance area with the corkscrews.
Uh oh where’s the rest of the track?!? 😛
One of the best things about the European parks was that there was alcohol available readily at the parks. They even had a bar right up front at Alton Towers.
Here’s a map of the water park that was inside our hotel, unfortunately it was only open during the day for our visit, and during the day we’d much rather spend our time in the park instead of an indoor water park. Seems like a missed opportunity could’ve been something fun to do after a day in the park.
Today we were going to make our way around the park the opposite direction of the day before, and obviously take more pictures starting with the park’s castle.
The castle inside a theme park affectionately known as “The Towers”.
A little closer up shot.
So as it stated before we would be working our way around the park in the opposite direction we did the day before, so to start off we entered the pirate themed area Mutiny Bay.
Be mindful there’s sharks lurking in these waters waiting for unsuspecting visitors.
There wasn’t much to see in this area that we hadn’t visited the day before, but next year in 2018, there will be a big new attraction SW8, that the construction walls were already up for.

Alton Towers using the SW(number) for any of their major attractions that include a record breaking or world first. Their last major addition was SW7 which was The Smiler in 2013 which had a record setting 14 inversions. The very first SW installed at Alton Towers was actually SW3 which was Nemesis. SW1 and SW2 were prototypes that were proposed and never actually got built. SW stands for Secret Weapon and if you ask me it’s a very neat way to code name and tease their attractions before their formal announcements.

Currently under exciting redevelopment.
Don’t touch the wildlife!
Speaking of.. Alton Towers is a very peculiar theme park as there is a lot of places around the park that is not the typical sight of most other theme parks, like this sight for instance.
This was the entrance for their splash battle ride, themed to pirates. Looked pretty neat but it was nowhere near warm enough to go on a water ride today.
Off into the woods we go.
Hmm looks familiar, wonder if that’s the place we had dinner at last night? 😉
Some of the splash cannons for their water raft ride, which of course not many ppl were riding today.
Some of the views you have inside this park is just crazy. You almost forget that you’re inside a theme park.
All the Merlin parks in the area had a pizza buffet that was apparently very popular. We did not however try one of these, as we’re not usually fans of theme park pizza.
One of the coasters I didn’t get the chance to ride the day before, let’s take on the Runaway Mine Train!
Coasting through the misty woods.
The Runaway Mine Train was a fun powered coaster, it was nice and long and had a bunch of decent theming along the journey. Great family coaster for the park. The even crazier thing is, the coaster takes two laps around the track.
First lap around.
And second lap around.
Which way?
Time to Duel!
Duel is another one of the shooting dark rides that seem to be at almost any park. Nothing special here, but a fun break from the coasters.
Some of theming outside the attraction demonstrating the guns.
Whoa a little trippy here.
Zap those ghouls!
We actually rode Duel twice during our visit so of course we had 2 ride photos.
Alton Towers also had the Nitrogenie ice cream that we found at Thorpe Park but sadly this stand was closed today.
We stumbled upon Nemesis Sub Terra which was closed at the end of 2015 and has since not reopened. The park never announced it’s removal, however it’s sat vacant since.
Time to return to Nemesis!
Such a beautiful looking coaster, oh and that rust, no that’s just part of the theming. And that’s not even sarcastic, that’s the truth.
The ride recently received a paint job, believe it or not, but it was even to make the rust details more authentic.
Well who’s ready to go for another spin?
Walking through the queue line you get a great view of the first drop which yeah isn’t much of a drop. Don’t be fooled however this coaster packs a punch, it’ll drop into the trenches when you least expect it. Also this water used to be dyed red to be a river of blood, but guess the dye was ruining local wild life so a few years ago they stopped dying the water.
Nemesis soaring through the sky.
Danger of Death, Keep Out!
The sun glare of one of Nemesis’s loop make this quite the interesting photo.
Just more of the track, and how it navigates the terrain so beautifully.
Kicking the sky.
The queue and exit of the ride give you such great up close views of the ride in action.
The theming of the station and the ride is that the crazy roller coaster basically grew out of the monster Nemesis, this piece of rotting track coming off the station only adds to that narrative.
Here’s a little more of the twisted monster track growing from the monster.
Nemesis and the candy monorail in one shot!
This monster is watching you.
One of the best settings of any roller coaster I’ve ever been on.
The lift hill of Nemesis peaking above the station.
And here’s another look at the legs growing out of the monster and forming the track.
Just so much fun.
Told you he’s watching.
Much enjoying our rides on Nemesis today.
Next up in the park, was Galactica (formerly known as Air) which like we said made us quite sick the day before so we did not take a re-ride. However I did want to grab some pictures of the photogenic coaster.
The area around Galactica is quite nice, and it’s neat how the lift hill goes under the monorail track.
Flying through space, but really the air.
It looks like a fun coaster, and we didn’t get to ride without the VR goggles like the 2 up front did. I would’ve preferred a ride without the goggles but I had heard mixed things or if you could decline the VR or not.
For a flying coaster it wasn’t super intense, and stuck low to the ground most of the ride, which is something I like. Unfortunately for us we weren’t able to see how close to the ground we really were due to the VR goggles.

Hopefully the VR element on this ride doesn’t last long, seems like it’d be a much better ride without the VR.

Hey that’s where we had dinner last night.
Alton Towers also has one the swinging ship rides, we passed on it since they are not quite my favorite type of ride. 😛
Hydration Station and more Donuts.
Well should we take the Sky Ride over to the other side of the park?
Nah let’s go get lost in the woods.
Well if we follow the red arrows looks like we should be ok.
Here we go (This is an actual part of the theme park, I know it looks like the middle of the woods.)
Up and down and zig zag we go.
Hey you see any of those red arrows anywhere?
Maybe if we just walk in the direction of the sky ride?
I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.
Oh look finally a red arrow, let’s follow it to….
Don’t see the next red arrow. 🙁
Eventually we ended up in an area that at least had some paths. Still no people around though.
Some sort of structure in the middle that was currently being renovated.
Seeing the sky ride is like your only view of civilization up above.
But hey another arrow, lets climb the creepy stairs.
After a little while of not seeing anyone or really hearing anything at all, you forget that you are still in a theme park.
Eventually we were on a hill with a view of a section of the gardens that we didn’t visit. This whole area was HUGE, and by HUGE I really mean HUGE.
Some other structure tucked away and like I said only the sky ride passes by.
We came upon an old house like structure.
Not too much to see, just another weird peculiar stop in our long journey across.
The forest just seems to own the area, waiting to overtake anything it can.
Another area that we could see, but again didn’t venture over there.
And finally after climbing back up, we made it out!

 So the journey through the Gardens is no joke, it easily took us a good 45 minutes to an hour to journey through. Compared to a 5-10 minute ride on the sky ride. Now granted yes we took our time and might have gotten lost a few times. My jokes about not seeing a red arrow were quite reflective of the experience we had. Yes there are a few posts to guide you, but not as many as you’d think or like. The Gardens is an experience and one to totally be taken in if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the park. If you visit Alton Towers I can’t recommend taking the path at least once. Hell if we were here longer we would’ve gotten lost in the thing again. Just expect to be in there for a while and maybe bring a flare just in case. 😛

Upon exiting the Gardens we were right in the area of Rita’s helix.
Welcome to the Dark Forest.
The general area around the ride.
Shall we check it out?
Rita’s lights for launch are located right in the station, looks like this train is clear for launch.
Rita launching off.
Rita twisting and soaring through the trees.
Rita starts out like your typical Intamin launch coasters, but instead of shooting straight up a top hat like Top Thrill Dragster or even Stealth at Thorpe Park a few days before, it goes into a long drawn out helix.
It’s a gimmick that still allows Alton Towers to have a high powered Intamin launch coaster but to avoid the height issues. As I said before everything at Alton Towers must remain below the tree line, so here’s another creative way to tackle that issue but still add a major type of coaster.
While creative at tackling the height issue, Rita just doesn’t have it. Yes the launch is great as always but besides that it doesn’t do anything special. Still worth a ride, but probably only one at that.
Thirteen, another coaster in the Dark Forest, climbing it’s lift hill.

So I wasn’t able to get many pictures of Thirteen since it’s off in the back of the area, Thirteen was actually a pretty fun ride, wasn’t too memorable but I believe that’s because we’ve already experienced Verbolten at Busch Gardens. Just like Verbolten both rides have a drop track element, and this one was the original of course. Even though it’s “gimmick” isn’t as original anymore it’s still a great ride and definitely shouldn’t be missed.

Riding through the woods on Thirteen.
After Thirteen we ventured on to get something to eat for lunch.
We returned to the same place we had lunch the day before, turns out they’re not serving alcohol today since it’s a family day. Did notice a lot more kids in the park today, well never mind then let’s continue on.
The entrance to Hex.
This one really bummed me out, I love dark rides and as you can see this one was located inside the castle. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and I’m bummed that it was closed for the whole 2016 season. Oh well just means I’ll have to return.
Which way?
The castle sure is massive when you get closer to it.
These next few pictures will have more close ups of the Towers.
It’s like going back in time, being transported to another world.
The other bummer was that some of the Scarefest mazes take place inside the castle and since we were there on a Thursday and Friday and they only do the night time stuff on Saturday and Sunday we missed it by a day.
And here’s part of one of the mazes I presume.
Time to return to X-Sector.
So I just had to take more pictures of the Smiler since it’s such an impressive looking coaster.
Nothing but inversions and twists and turns no matter where you look.
Smile for the Smiler!
Just an absolute mess of track.
Almost makes it hard to photograph without getting a section of track blocking your view.
Make sure to avoid the Giggler.
The sun glare is perfect for this photo.
What’s that lurking behind the Smiler?
Meet Oblivion.

Oblivion was the other original attraction I had watched for years wanting to go ride. The original dive coaster is most certainly a one trick pony but it’s still neat that it was the original and it was a long time before B&M built any other dive coasters. Nowadays we certainly have more with 3 of them in the United States and the tallest one at my home park of Cedar Point. There’s still something about dropping 180 ft into pitch blackness. Now you may look at the picture above and say that doesn’t look like 180 feet and no it certainly isn’t. Only 65 feet of the drop is above ground, that leaves 115 feet of pure oblivion.

Don’t look down.
Looks like they’re looking down to me.
While short, Oblivion was still a fun ride, and reaffirms that Cedar Point totally messed up Valravn with those silly vest restraints.
The original dive coaster.
After the dive, the coaster doesn’t do much else except climb back out of the tunnel make a turn and then hit the brakes. As I said one trick pony but still very neat.
Only a 15 minute wait, so we go for another ride?
One last look before we move on.
Time to head back to the entrance for a few more missed credits.
On the way back to the front of the park we found another hidden area.
With some ghostly stone statues playing some music.
Quite the creepy looking statues.
Tomb is haunted look if you dare. Quite the interesting fun things to peer into. Within the cracks there was something to see.
And upon stepping inside here, a ghostly image will appear on the mirror.
The Alton Towers golf challenge, drive a ball into a hole in the middle of the lake, certainly not easy by any means.
A few people were giving it a shot, but judging by the boat we saw the day before of workers scooping balls out of the lake, doesn’t look like many people are successful.
Time for the Spinball Whizzer.
Unlike most of Alton Towers other roller coasters, there’s really nothing special about this one. Just a standard spinning mouse.
Apparently the coaster is now themed to pin balls which is interesting since the former theme was Sonic the Hedgehog.
Impressive that the camera captured us while spinning.
Got the credit, time to move on.
Now we find ourselves in…
…CBeebies land for….
Octonauts Roller Coaster Adventure!
And the photo to prove it.
Back at the front of the park, this duck fits right in with the displays.
Our shot at another park ending selfie outside the main gate.
It was too early to leave the entire resort just yet so we decided to grab lunch at Alton Towers hotel and check out the other hotel we did not stay in.
Apparently it’s renamed Witches Haunt-Inn during Halloween time.
Oh look a pay phone next to an antique phone, wait aren’t they both antiques? 😛
The decor is quite nice inside the Alton Towers hotel which has an explorer theme to it.
We had lunch at the Dragons Bar, nothing special but it was nice and relaxing, and they were serving alcohol here, just not inside the park.
Enjoying the giant chair.
Who’s the fairest of them all? Not sure what this park’s fascination with mirror, mirror on the wall but yeah…
One last look at the inside of the Alton Towers Hotel before moving on.

 So after a wonderful two days at Alton Towers we headed north to make our way to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We stopped overnight at a Holiday Inn Express that was very nice but we did miss the on resort feel of our Splash Landing Hotel at Alton Towers.

After a few days I had a nice collection of various British Pound coins.
Also some British Pound bills as well.
And like I said our Holiday Inn Express was quite nice.

Until next time, signing off from the UK’s best theme park and one of the best in the entire world.

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