London Eye 10/08/2016

So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog, but here we are with a whole new site and a whole new layout. So what better place to start than with my trip across the pond to visit some theme parks that I’ve always wanted to go to since playing the original Roller Coaster Tycoon and first getting into theme parks.

So before we get into all the exciting theme parks and other things across the pond, we’re gonna check out our first stop, The London Eye. Now ideally we wanted to do the London Eye during the day and night but with the red eye flight into London and being on a completely different time zone let alone side of the globe, we were spent on arrival. So we checked into the hotel and took a nice long nap, and then proceeded into London toward the London Eye. First off however let’s take a quick look at the journey across.

Our flight from Toronto Pearson International Airport took us directly to London Gatwick International Airport. It was a 7 hour overnight flight into London, so yes we were very tired when we got there.
This was our plane for the long journey over, and definitely the biggest plane I’ve ever been on.
The inside of the plane which had a 2 seat, aisle, 4 seat, aisle, 2 seat configuration. Not the biggest of planes but certainly the biggest I’ve been on.
Our AMAZING view from our corner suite at London Gatwick.
So yeah the view wasn’t anything to write home about, but the room was quite nice.
A quick view of the bathroom of the room as well.

So like I said after an extended nap we began our journey into London via trains from Gatwick airport. It was a neat journey to connect at different train stations to get to the London Eye and it took about 40 minutes before we were in Central London. Still a very clean and organized public transportation system, it took us a day or two to learn how to read the rail maps and everything but once we figured it out getting around London was a breeze. Now driving on the other hand…. well we’ll get to that….

The route on Southern rail that we took from Gatwick to the London Eye.
Upon arrival to the London Eye area one of the first sites you see is the infamous Big Ben and House of Parliament right across the River Thames.
A look at some of the boats that cruise along the River Thames.
And this is the London Eye dock where boats will take you on a River Thames cruise.

So as you can see it was still daylight when we arrived at the London Eye, but it was quite the crowded area that day, it was a Saturday, we decided to check out the Sea Life Aquarium included on our Merlin Premium Pass. It was a nice aquarium but there was nothing that I hadn’t seen done at other aquariums plus the lighting inside didn’t make for very good pictures so sadly I don’t have any to share from the aquarium.

Time for a ride on a Giant Ferris Wheel?
The enormous line to ride the London Eye that night.

So as you can see the line is quite long, so instead of waiting in line we opted to upgrade our ticket to the champagne experience and got to skip the line and drink champagne on the 30 minute revolution, win win.

Selfie as we cut everyone in line. 😛
Almost time to board the capsule.
A closer look at the capsules before we board ours.
Inside our capsule right as we begin the 30 minute revolution.
The champagne is almost ready to be poured.
A view of where we left from.
A look a little farther down the River Thames.
Big Ben starting to come into view. Sorry for the slight blurriness, again the lightning was not the best for night pictures on the Eye, you’re also constantly moving, and you’re shooting through glass so those three things combined make it difficult to get great night shots on board the Eye.
Enjoying our champagne aboard the London Eye.
A look over London from almost at the highest point of the London Eye.
And to the other side where Big Ben is located.
Say hello to the other capsules.
A little farther out view into central London.
Another shot over London, the blue arch in the background is the Wembley Arch and that is located at Wembley Stadium where the 2012 Summer Olympics were held and currently a few NFL games are played there every year.
Another capsule and a lot more of the structure that holds the tiny capsules onto the giant wheel.
Enjoying a glass of champagne beside the London skyline at night.
One more shot of Big Ben from the air before we touch back down.
Advertisement’s for Madame Tussauds which Merlin also owns, sadly we ran out of time and was not able to visit.
Trying to get a slightly better night picture of Big Ben after being back outside along the river.
And while we’re here let’s take another selfie.
Looking straight up from the ground the London Eye.
One more attempt at an artsy shot of the Eye.

So after the evening ride on the Eye we returned to our hotel at Gatwick to rest up for the rest of the trip and our first UK Theme Park the very next day.

After returning to the hotel and enjoying a few drinks before heading out the next morning. Most of the hotels in the UK had 24 hour bars, how neat.

Next up wild adventures at Chessington World of Adventures….

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